About Rubarbs

I’m a 53 year old single woman with a young heart. I refuse to become middle aged until I’m at least 65, and even then I’ll probably go out kicking and screaming!

After 2 years of web dating and a relationship with someone I adored but who turned out to be a serial cheater, I gave myself a breather to consider what I’m really looking for. Most of all I’ve realised that I need to be happy within myself, lead a good life, do the things that I want to do and not rely on any other person to “complete me”. I won’t compromise my own values for someone else’s. If I find a man who makes me deliriously happy (and I hope I will one day),  it will be the icing on the cake but not the be-all and end-all, and I’ll still enjoy living my life!

Six months ago I returned to the ridiculous world of internet dating. I’m sure there’s a better way to meet men but it’s not quite so easy when you’re in your 50s. I’m not going to start nightclubbing again, so I’ll just have to hope that someone (preferably a hybrid of Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and Sean Bean) will drop out of the sky and land at my feet when I’m least expecting it, and that I’ll be wearing my best underwear when he does!

I’m a romantic who still believes in love, if not “the one”. Eternally optimistic, generally upbeat but with moments of cynicism and despair, I’m constantly bewildered by the way people treat each other on internet dating sites. There seems to be an “anything goes” attitude, without consideration for the person at the other end of the broadband line.  I found this frustrating at first, but now find it rather funny, hence the blog.

I’m sure men have their own tales to tell but the blog is written from a woman’s perspective and draws on my own personal experiences. It’s not my intention to offend but inevitable that someone will be pissed off at something I say!

If you have your own tales of web dating that you’d like to share please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. xxx


13 thoughts on “About Rubarbs

  1. This is an absolutely brilliant blog….. best I’ve read like it for a good while. You write very well and are creating a real gem here.

    I envy the material you get in the mail you receive… As a man I get occasional, perfectly nice correspondence from perfectly normal women and although I realise you’d rather it was of the same coherent quality your end of the stick….. as material for this blog, the mail you get is quite priceless.

    Let’s see more of these emails…. Gives me hope that not all is lost, if nothing else.

    Anyway, ….I look forward to reading more from you and wish you the best of luck with it…. and the right guy turning up for you…. although I guess that’ll be the end of the blog, eh?
    Kevin. {:o)

    • Thanks so much Kevin.
      I’m new to all this (the blog, not the dating unfortunately) so I’m really pleased that people are reading and enjoying it. If you can spread the Rubarbs word I’d be very grateful.
      It gives me hope that you’re getting emails from normal people….I do too actually, but they’re not nearly as ridiculous as the ones I’ve posted here!

  2. No problem I’d already Twittered it, Facebooked it and emailed the link to all in my email address book. You keep up this quality and you’ll de very well with this.

    I noticed you have links for people to share it in facebook and twitter on your ‘About Me’ page, but not on the main blog posting pages…. see if you can get that sorted… make it as easy as you can for people to ‘share’ and forward it on…. and email it to friends too.
    Not that I’m ‘advising’ you really…. You’re already far more successful after a couple of months than I am after some three years.

    My blogs are nothing like your quality….. written at random, not really intending to be successful and more for my own entertainment than anything else. Been doing the ‘Fast As Slurry Off A Grape’ (http://slurryoffagrape.blogspot.co.uk/) and fullwellytillitgoesbang blogs for a while on and off for a while now since 2009, …..(mostly off lately, don’t write to them often and both pretty much the same blog content),…. with little following, so you’re doing REALLY well.

    If you DO look at my blogs…. be warned,….loadsa swearing in them here and there, written on all sorts of unconnected subjects, a couple or so rants….and if some seem anti-women….. they’re honestly not intended to be…. I try to make people laugh although do kinda mean what I say in amongst the ramblings. You’ve gotta sort out what’s tongue-in-cheek and what’s not. Generally speaking, the only ones I ever intend to offend, are the officious, the politically correct and the weenies (small ‘w’).

    I bleddy HATE weenies

    The latest posting on the slurryoffgrape Blogspot blog is about the three-legged cat from next door crapping on my grass…… don’t think I copied it across to the fullwellietillitgoesbang WordPress blog.

    Apologies…. This was meant to be a quick reply….. I ramble on like an old fool….
    Kevin. {:o)

  3. Thanks for those tips Kevin, I didn’t realise those links are available! I’m such a philitech! I found all sorts of other interesting buttons while I was in settings too!

    You’re a real star for forwarding the blog, I really do appreciate it.

    Can you send me a link for your wordpress blog? I couldn’t find it for some reason.

    Ru 🙂

  4. Hi Ru,
    I guess you found the WordPress blog as I see you’re my one and only follower so far…. YAY!!!
    Here’s the link anyway… http://fullwellytillitgoesbang.wordpress.com/
    I’ve been copy/pasting a couple of old posts across to the WordPress blog from the slurryoffagrape Blogger blog…. bone idle, I know, but there you are. Better than nothing, no? Bike posts, but my biker posts are still amusing enough sometimes for the non-biker, or so a couple of friends have said. the cat crapping one is further back now, behind these new ‘old posts’
    I expect you’ve found the Facebook, Twitter etc buttons….. (Look in in ‘Settings’, then ‘Sharing’ in the dropdown list). Put them ALL on your blog….. make it easy for the Gentle Reader.
    Don’t go being too impressed with my techno prowess….. I find this WordPress a good bit fiddly and mysterious too. The Google Blogger is a bit easier, but it can still drive you nuts. WordPress seems to be the more ‘sophisticated’ from what I can gather.
    As I said before…. Your Blog is EXCELLENT!!
    If you haven’t already, get on Facebook and Twitter and post the link to every new post on there…. mention that it’s a dating experience site, and that will get you more followers.
    All bloggers …. And writers too, say that you MUST have both Facebook and Twitter accounts to network and be successful.
    There’s a book in what you’re blogging, and if you doubt it, Google the book ‘Sh*t My Dad Says’….. That guy just twittered the things he remembered his Dad saying to him, and it really took off….. The book, by the way, is brilliant. Terrible language to use to a child, but soooo right on the nail and straight from the shoulder, tell-him-like-it-is good. You finish, after much laughter, knowing he was a good Father. Buy it on Amazon… plenty going second hand for £2.81 (.01p + £2.80 p&p).

    Ok…. I’m rambling again… sorry.
    Keep it up… you’re doing real good. {:o)
    K.x {:o)

  5. I haven’t done any internet dating but I commiserate with you trials — I’m 50 at the end of the year and I am single. I’m not on the prowl, but I’m interested in hearing about woman around my age and their experiences with dating. I look forward to following your blog.

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